What's New in Physiotherapy?

What's New in Physiotherapy?

We have finished a very unusual year and are happy to be getting back to more of our usual activities.  This year we look forward to restarting our regular programs

Programs We hope to Offer this year:

  • School Aged Adaptive Aquatics Program (K-grade 12 students on the physiotherapy caseload)
  • Early Intervention pool therapy
  • Gross/Fine Motor Group
  • Playground Group (4-5 year olds)
  • Drop in screening group for clients waiting for intervention
  • Option of virtual therapy appointments
  • Orthopaedic clinics with Dr. Nelson

Very excited to be bringing training on a new assessment tool for children under 2 (HINE).  We are looking for volunteers to be models at the course on October 25.  We need clients under the age of 2 both with a diagnosis or expected diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy or with no motor difficulties.  The commitment would be about 45 minutes on the day of the course.  If you or anybody you know have a child that would fit that age range in October and would be interested please contact Fabiola at fabiolat@cdcpg.org.

I am very proud of my staff for working through the pandemic and staff shortages and trying their best to keep our waitlist down as much as possible with the start of our new quick screening program for infants and with ensuring that each of us see more clients each month for an initial assessment. 

Our staff continue to be involved in our therapy community by being involved in various ways with the new physiotherapy program at UHNBC, being on the BC Hip Surveillance Committee, representing the north and northeast BC on the BC Paediatric PT council, Community Health Centre Initiative.  Through the pandemic we have had quite a few physiotherapy students.  Each of the physiotherapists has been involved with the students.  They have had the opportunity to do both in person and virtual therapy sessions with clients.

We continue to provide out reach services North to Mackenzie and East to McBride and Valemount.

I am very honoured to have such a dedicated, hardworking, innovative staff that are always eager to continue learning.

Fabiola Toyata
Lead Physiotherapist

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