What's Happening in Speech Therapy!

What's Happening in Speech Therapy!

As it has become necessary to protect people’s health by wearing masks, SLPs have expressed concern about the challenges that all children but especially those with hearing loss, autism, and communication difficulties face, when communicating with those wearing a mask. We have discovered that clear masks are a great alternative. Our mouths and faces provide important cues about how we are feeling, what we are thinking, and what we are saying. Babies to adults learn so much by watching our faces.

This summer, the CDC staff offered 2 social skill groups based upon the Social Thinking ® curriculum (registered trademark of Think Social Publishing ®) . It was exciting to see the children learn how to play and interact successfully with others. You might be asking…what does thinking socially look like? And why is it important? Some children have a difficult time making friends and understanding how to interact and communicate with others socially, especially children with autism spectrum disorder or query of. The We Thinkers! © books along with interactive games facilitated by therapists, help  children understand the importance of thinking about our own thoughts and feelings and those of others, understanding that sometimes there is a group plan that we all need to follow, how our eyes tell us what others are thinking about, how it can be important for our bodies to stay in a group and how to use whole body listening. If you would like more information about the We Thinkers! Series © please click on this link to learn more. Socialthinking – Free Webinars. Disclaimer: The Child Development Centre is not affiliated or endorsed by Think Social Publishing ®.

The Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) staff have been enjoying the flexibility of using video conferencing for assessment and treatment sessions.
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