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Families Are The Foundation For Success

The Child Development Centre recognizes the integral role that families play in their children’s development.  We rely on parents and caregivers as partners in the treatment and learning process.   We support them in overcoming challenges, and we join them in celebrating success. 

Reach Out For The Help You Need

It can be difficult for families to know when they need help, what sort of assistance is available, and how to access it.  If you have questions about your child’s physical, emotional or cognitive development, we make it as easy as possible to get answers.  If your family is having difficulties related to your child’s special needs, or problems in other areas, we offer a range of Family Services that can make things easier. 

You can refer your child yourself, or you can consent to have someone else refer your child on your behalf.  You can fill out a Request for Service form and mail, email, or bring it to the Centre.  Or you can call us, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.   A staff member will then explain the services available, and set up an Initial Consultation. Afterward, you will decide whether you want your child to receive services.  If you choose to proceed, you and a CDC consultant will develop goals and determine the appropriate level of service.

Request for Service Form

Contact Details

Drop off, mail, fax, or email your completed form. Or call us to complete your request over the phone. 

1687 Strathcona Avenue, Prince George, BC, V2L 4E7

(250)563-8039 (fax)

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    Family Services

    Our Family Services help you overcome specific challenges related to your child’s treatment, and common problems that can arise in any family.

    Second Step is a program for preschool-aged children that focuses on social-emotional skills.
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    A seven-hour workshop to help children understand what having a brother or sister with special needs means to their family.
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    Behavioural Emotional Social Teaching is an 8 week program designed to meet the needs of children with challenges in behaviour, social or emotional skills.
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    Step parents face a whole new set of challenges as well as all of the old ones.
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    Is parenting your child tougher than you thought it would be? This 3 session workshop can help.
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    Our Family Resource Coordinator works closely with CDC program staff, external agencies, and parents, providing assistance in a variety of ways.
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    Speech-Language Therapy Services

    Talk With Your Toddler - Help For Late Talkers

    Occupational Therapy

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    Child Development Centre Publications

    The CDC Family Handbook

    The Family Handbook has information on our services, our service philosophies, complaint resolution process, and more. It is designed to be printed as a booklet, both sides, on letter-sized paper.

    The CDC Overview

    Our CDC Overview provides general information about the CDC’s services and fundraising.                                                     It is designed to be printed as a booklet, both sides, on letter-sized paper.

    Other CDC Publications

    Download important information about privacy, policies, and procedures

    Links to Resources and Information

    The Child Development Centre has compiled an extensive list of available programs, services and information for families who have children with special needs.  This is your go-to source for inclusive activities, financial assistance, transportation, nutrition, diagnostic information, and much more.