News from Supported Child Development 2023

News from Supported Child Development 2023

Supported Child Development received MCFD funding to increase positions this year, including a full- time Consultant, 2 full-time Support Workers, 1 part-time Support Worker and a full-time SCD Coordinator. We welcomed Oby Momah as Consultant in October. Oby competed her BCYC practicum with SCD in May-July 2022. Cassidy MacKenzie and Lisa Hobman were hired as full-time Support Workers, and Sam Lodge was hired part-time. Shannon Ginter moved into the role of SCD Coordinator in January after being a Support Worker for over 7 years, and a casual for 4 years prior. We said farewell to a couple employees, and welcomed Jenna Weldon and Selena Uy as full-time Support Workers.

Welcome to our new staff and congratulations to our staff in new positions!

SCD supported children with diverse abilities in 25-30 Early Childhood Care and Learning programs in 2022/2023. On average, 70 children were supported at a time. The waitlist increased from 183 children in January 2022 to 228 children in March 2023. Many of the children on the waitlist require 1:1 support in order to foster positive experiences in ECCL programs.

Candis Johnson and Julia Lamming, SCD Consultants provided two Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) groups, 8 weeks each in January-February and March-April. While parents attended sessions, Support Workers provided child-minding in Storybook Preschool’s space, located downstairs at CDC. COSP is an early intervention program for parents and children which helps parents and caregivers to reflect on children’s attachment needs and promote secure attachments with a child. Julia also partnered with Therapy in providing a Social Thinking group at McGee house in January/February.  Resources for Parents – Circle of Security International

In April, SCD formed a partnership with Holly Jacklin, owner/operator of Storybook Preschool, to offer a preschool program on Mondays and Wednesdays 12:15-2:00. 7 children who were in their pre-kindergarten year and on SCD’s waitlist attended the group in order to give them preschool experience and develop kindergarten readiness skills. The preschool program will continue to be offered in September 2023 for children on SCD waitlist; the classes will increase to 2 hours/class and run Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday.

Candis reduced her hours as SCD Consultant January-March while she took on a pilot position in the Child and Family Services role. MCFD chose not to provide funding for the position at this time, and Candis returned to SCD full-time in April. She continued to focus on providing parent support and resources in her SCD Consultant role.

CDC experience flooding in the lower level over Christmas Break. As a result, SCD Consultants moved upstairs temporarily, which developed into a permanent location in two offices upstairs, next to the Board Room. Once the repairs downstairs were completed, SCD Support Staff began utilizing the former Consultants’ office as their work space.

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