Specialized Therapy Groups

specialized programming

specialized therapy groups

Our therapists offer a number of specialized groups in the areas of communication and fine/gross motor skills.

The communication groups include the following general goals:

  • improving their speech so the children are better understood
  • increasing your child’s pre-literacy skills such as rhyming, and awareness of words, syllables and sounds
  • increasing their literacy skills with name and letter recognition
  • increasing their ability to recognize and name concepts such as colours, counting, and shapes

The fine and gross motor skills groups work to improve motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

The aim of these groups is to help children to participate in everyday activities and to prepare them for the transition to kindergarten. The groups may run throughout the school year (September to June) or over the summer months depending on the number of children requiring the service, and the availability of our Therapy staff to run the group.

While most of our services are through open referral, these groups are accessed via referrals from therapists. If you believe your child may benefit from these groups, please talk to your therapist.

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