Second Step

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second step

Second Step is a program for preschool-aged children that focuses on social-emotional skills. The program focuses on 4 different skill sets – developing skills for learning, empathy, emotion management and friendship skills & problem solving.

Through the use of pictures, interactive games and discussion, children learn valuable skills that will help them be successful in both personal and social situations throughout their lives. In the empathy section of the curriculum, children will learn to identify their own feelings as well as those of other children and to show care and understanding as a result. Through the emotion management portion of the program, children learn to stop and think through problems before making a conscious action instead of simply reacting. Also within this component, children learn to recognize their angry feelings, learn and practice calming strategies and think of how to solve problems. Throughout the program children develop friendship skills and problem solving strategies.

This program is designed to be provided within a daycare or preschool setting, allowing children to practice their learning each day.

second step