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Who We Are

The Child Development Centre of Prince George and District is one of the largest and longest serving child development charities in the province (CRA reg. #118848696RR0001).  Each year, we help over 1000 children with developmental challenges, including approximately one in six of the region’s preschool children.  We also provide support and services to their parents and families.  In a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach, we assist children with their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and communication skills.  This foundation prepares them for greater success when they enter school, and unlocks wider opportunities in the years beyond. 

our mission

We foster social, emotional and developmental growth in children with diverse abilities within an inclusive environment.

our history

Over 50 years of service

The history of the Child Development Centre is filled with the contributions of dedicated staff, generous donors, and a caring community.

our future

The future is filled with friendships, innovation, collaboration, special people, and endless possibilities.

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our leadership team

serving children and families

We rely on a broad alliance of talented, committed, and experienced volunteer board members

our people

Senior administration and board members work tirelessly to improve services and ensure the CDC's long-term stability.

meet the board
meet our executive director

Darrell Roze

I’ve been the CDC’s Executive Director since October, 2008.  I’d like to personally thank all the families, supporters, staff members, colleagues, and very special children who have made my time here so rewarding and inspiring.

On behalf of our entire team, I thank the greater community that has embraced our cause, welcomed our children, and provided invaluable support in so many ways. 

To the families and children we serve: I thank you for your trust, your courage, and your unfaltering spirit that give purpose and meaning to the work we do.

I invite everyone in our service area to reach out if you need help, and, if you can, to join us in supporting these wonderful children.  I believe you’ll find, as I have, that the love and caring you share is returned in abundance.

I look forward to meeting you!


Please note, we do not currently offer preschool or daycare services.