Physiotherapy News for 2022!

Physiotherapy News for 2022!

The Physiotherapy section has been very busy this year with three physiotherapists having four babies!!  We have been short staffed for most of the year, but we are doing our best to see children on our waitlist as soon as we can.  We are very happy to welcome three new temporary staff members in our section (Tamara, Amy and Sophie).  They all bring different and unique skills to the PT section.

Tamara Bandet, Physiotherapist
Sophie Boehmer, Physiotherapist
Amy Rasmussen, Rehabilitation Assistant

This past year, due to COVID, we were again not able to run our pool programs.  Hopefully this fall we will be able to start again.  We are super excited to be moving our program to the new pool as soon as it opens!

Each of our physiotherapists have been involved with the UBC/UNBC physiotherapy program in one way or the other.  Some have been involved at the university as Clinical Skills Assistants, on committees or at the CDC having students. 

Do you have any new babies in your life?  Please share with their parents:

  • Back to sleep is important, but babies need time on their tummies when awake.
  • Tummy time promotes good head shape, better head control, strengthens upper extremities and core for future crawling and fine motor skills
  • If baby does not like tummy time start by implementing super short bursts every time they are put down to play.  Starting with 30 seconds of tummy time 5 times or more per day will help them tolerate longer and longer time. 
  • is a fantastic website for looking at milestones and has some activities to do with your baby.

For children on the At Home Program, we are were very excited that families are now able to get full funding for a stander and a walker without having to access alternative funding.

Duchess Park Playground

Toddlers preschoolers and older children benefit from exploring different playgrounds.  We just found out about this cool App that shows all the playgrounds in the area and has a description and often pictures of what to expect.

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