Here are some of the feedback we have received from parents:

  • The CDC was there when I desperately needed someone to turn to. They have continued to be there for 19 years though they have never dealt with our situation before they opened their doors and minds and we all worked together for the HUGE benefit of my son and our family. They have been very positive throughout his life and inventive and encouraging and all with a great sense of pride and humour. They are an amazing team and we all benefit in PG for their contribution to our community and to society.  Way to go keep up the great work.
    ~ Sandra
  • The CDC is a place to build self esteem & self confidence in children. An organization that works closely one on one with special needs children. It is a place where parents can depend on support from staff & other parents (maybe with similar needs). I have personal experiences with watching the tremendous development in children who have been involved with the CDC. Way to Go!”
  • “In a time of absolute frustration The CDC was there for me to provide understanding, information, caring thoughts and ideas. For my son it has brought him a whole new world. It has opened his eyes to the things around him. Our lives have been changed dramatically.  I can’t thank all the wonderful teachers and staff for their kindness and consideration.  Without them, we, as a family, would be lost.”
  • “A public health nurse referred us to the Child Development Centre. At first, we were scared and apprehensive as to what was happening to our child. Our fears were soon laid to rest, as we found the therapists and staff to be supportive and encouraging. Never was anyone judgemental or unfriendly in any way. Every resource available was made accessible to our child and everyone worked as a team to help her. They have been with us through the hard times, and celebrated each and every accomplishment along the way. We will be leaving the CDC this year as our daughter enters Kindergarten. We are sad to be going, but are grateful for the support and encouragement of the last four years. The wealth of knowledge we received from everyone at the Child Development Centre has built a great foundation for us to continue building upon. We will treasure the memories forever.”

Daycare, Preschool, and Supported Child Development services

The following are some of the many wonderful comments parents have provided in our parent satisfaction survey:

  • "Everyone at the CDC is so supportive and you can tell everyone loves their job. Thanks everyone"
  • "This was our second straight year having our sons enrolled with the Young Explorers and we've enjoyed the staff’s friendliness. Keep up the good work"
  • "Our son enjoyed Young Explorers very much and I would strongly recommend the program to parents looking for preschool"
  • "Overall it is a great program with truly wonderful teachers. Thanks again. Keep up the good work!"
  • "It’s nice to drop off our kids to a place where they are comfortable"
  • "What a wonderful group of ladies to work with!"
  • "The CDC's staff are amazing and are invaluable to my son’s development"
  • "I feel very lucky that CDC accepted our daughter early and that we have a care aide. Without this she would not have been able to go to school"
  • "Everyone is very involved and so caring. I couldn't have picked a better place for my children to go."
  • "Our years with the CDC for both our daughters have been exceptionally positive experience for our whole family"
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Anyone can refer a child to the Centre with the child's parent/legal guardian's consent. To start the process, download our Request for Service and Concent for Service forms from one of the following links, then bring the completed forms to the CDC:

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