Supported Child Development

Supported Child Development Program offers a variety of services to support community child care programs to include all children, regardless of abilities. Community programs include family and group daycare’s, preschool and after school care settings.


  • All families with children should have the same child care choices within their communities.
  • Some children may require extra support in order to be included with their peers.
  • Supports should be available within childcare settings to ensure effective inclusion of all children

Children who require extra support include children with:

  • Developmental delays
  • Exceptional health care needs
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Mental or physical challenges
  • Communication delays
  • Emotional and behaviour challenges

Our Services

child and his SCD worker on swing Assist families in finding child care programs which best meet their needs.

Supported Child Development Program supports include the following for children from birth to twelve years of age:
  • Providing (written, video, tape) resources to programs
  • Arranging child specific training under the guidance of therapist and or parents as required
  • Ongoing training and support to caregivers
  • Lending of toys and specialized equipment to programs
  • Providing consultation services
  • Providing additional staffing (In some cases) for children who require extra support
  • Providing strategies to promote an inclusive environment
  • Individual program planning
  • Chairing team meetings with parents/guardians, child care providers, therapists and any other professional involved with the child. The consultant will record and provide a written record and a summary of the identified goals for the child. Progress report and goal setting will be scheduled twice per year or as requested by the parent.
  • Helping families and child care providers access community services and resources

The maintenance of confidentiality is a priority for Child Development Centre staff. For additional information, see our Policy and Procedure manual.


Anyone with the approval of a child's legal guardian can refer that child for these services. To start the referral process, please call one of our SCDP consultants:

Christy Kubert
(250)563-7168 Ext 215

Candis Johnson
(250)563-7168 Ext 256

Julia Lamming
(250)563-7168 Ext 214

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Accessing our Services:

Anyone can refer a child to the Centre with the child's parent/legal guardian's consent. To start the process, download our Request for Service and Concent for Service forms from one of the following links, then bring the completed forms to the CDC:

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Supported Child Development Programming:

vidio introducing our supported child development services